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In April 2022 STUDIO O concepted and created a new safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community. Everyone was invited to the one-day festival, which aimed to inspire and engage while showcasing the community's diverse creativity.

Barbie Breakout led the audience through the evening. She explained the important history of LGBTQIA+ community in her own words, including her own personal story as an HIV activist and drag queen pioneer, and conducted on-stage interviews with all the artists who were a part of the special evening.

STUDIO O partnered up with EASTPAK, MAC and Urban Outfitters to create this event, shine a light on the creativity of the LGBTQIA+ community and collect money for the Queer Refugee Camp Schwulenberatung Berlin.

STUDIO O was responsible for the entire event concept, strategy, coordination of the charity event, invitation, collaboration with media and brands, and PR.

Since 2019, the LGBTQIA+ community has a home at Säälchen Holzmarkt Berlin, a safe space to show creativity, share personal stories, engage guests, have fun and celebrate friendship.

STUDIO O's mission is to show people how diverse and inspiring LGBTQIA+ culture is, to fight tokenism and pinkwashing, and to promote appreciation for every story. In addition, STUDIO O aims to support local non-governmental organizations to help people who need a chosen family or information to be safe, free and accepted.