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Digital is in our DNA

Making an impact

Endless Emotions

Our passion is inspired by the aim to change society when it comes to diversity, acceptance and inclusivity.

At STUDIO O we believe strong voices are essential for brands to engage with and help maximize their appeal. We always create a space where creativity flows, awareness is raised, and silence is broken.

Together with our talents, partners and wide network of creatives, we are able to provide exceptional skills across all communication fields.

 As a creative agency and consultancy for impact & purpose-driven communication, we develop unique creative strategies which transport endless emotions to improve brand image and reputation.

Founded in 2020 with a vision to make an impact, we have collaborated with numerous talents from diverse social media bubbles, sharing personal stories from all aspects of life - from feminism and LGBTQIA+ to diversity, sustainability, mental health and inclusivity as well as various lifestyle & fashion topics. 

We can do it all! Our team has particular expertise in data driven Influencer/Creator Marketing, Talent Management, Social Media Management (incl. Social Ads across all platforms), PR, Content Production and Events – in the digital and physical space.