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Are you looking for creative digital natives who thrive at what they do and go the extra mile for a successful outcome? Hire us!

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We want to consult and use your voice as a brand. As an agency based in Berlin - one of the world’s trendiest, vibrant and diverse cities - we pride ourselves on educating each other on current trends, happenings and matters of importance, keeping abreast of current affairs that may prove relevant to our clients. Here are 5 good reasons to work with us:

  1. We consult and enhance your brand image through deeper, more personal content of creatives and talents combined with a performance-driven mindset

  2. We are part of communities you want to target and select the best voices to encourage society to be part of a movement

  3. We touch people with authentic, purpose storytelling to drive lasting emotions around your brand

  4. We never lose sight of cultural movements, we think short-term and long-term as success is a process.  

  5. Because we work with various creatives and activists on Social Media with diverse topics, we have an extensive network with many groups who still typically appear underrepresented, yet possess enormous, cost-effective potential to add huge value to your brand.

Do you crave new challenges? Join our team now!

Send your CV and a short motivation letter to hello@studio-o.de.
We are always looking for creative and talented people who are outstanding in their way of thinking!