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STUDIO O took the chance in conceptualizing and producing the Pink X-mas market – an energetic consumer event held at H&M Mitte Garten. This dynamic gathering brought together leading influencers and tastemakers invited by STUDIO O, uniting them to joyously celebrate queer culture.

The event showcased lively LGBTQIA+ performances and underscored support for queer-owned businesses. STUDIO O, at the helm of both the event concept and production, ensured a execution that left a lasting impact. Notably, all proceeds from this vibrant affair were donated to local charity organizations.

Symbolizing liberation and queer rights in vibrant pink, STUDIO O curated an event featuring Miss Ivanka T as both host and participant in the drag show, alongside queens like Yvonne Nightstand, Deeon, Karlie Kant, and Vivienne Locecraft. The festivities included lip-sync karaoke, candle-dying activations, and delightful Glühgin, all set in the festive X-mas garden area.