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To create a buzz for Azar around Valentines Day, STUDIO O invited well-known creatives and content creators from Berlin to a flower exhibition that was created in collaboration with Studio Linée, a local, well-known flower studio.

Linnée interprets the new way of connection that we have become accustomed to in this digital age into an artistic flower artwork, with inspiration from different people who have feelings of love and a deep connection in the digital world.

The goal was to celebrate love and create awareness of the new way of communication, in relation to the video chat app Azar in the German market.

STUDIO O was responsible for the overall creative concept, event management, on site guest handling, influencer marketing, as well as seeding for the German market.

Since its launch in 2014, Azar has grown to be the number one app for video-chatting and meeting new people. It allows you to meet millions of users around the world and near you.

Who will you meet on Azar?
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