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To empower Bumble's 'Women Make The First Move' identity, the campaign focussed on a diverse cast of women to fight for equal rights, diversity and mutual respect. By opening up to their communities about their personal 'First Move Moment' the impact evolved into a movement.

STUDIO O was in charge of the concept of the campaign, the talent research as well as for the communication including defining the individual story angles and coordination of the entire influencer campaign for the German market.

Bumble aims to make meaningful connections for all genders in love, life and work. The cast was built out of various strong women, who are interested in politics and/or have a big impact in their community as an opinion leader.

They created different stories around their choice to make their own first move towards a loving relationship with themselves, which in return allows others to love them, too. As Bumble positions itself as the partner for the dating journey, where success is not tied to one specific outcome. Instead they celebrate dating as a gloriously imperfect journey. The app provides a safe, healthy space for their community, which is rooted in accountability, kindness, and respect.